PS Plus Yearly Subscriptions to Experience Price Surge, September’s Free Games Announced: All the Facts

Sony has officially announced that PlayStation Plus will undergo a price increase in the near future. Starting from September 6, all three tiers of PS Plus yearly subscriptions will see a price hike. This detail was tucked away within Sony’s monthly blog post, which also unveiled the upcoming free games.

PS Plus Yearly Subscriptions to Experience Price Surge, September's Free Games Announced: All the Facts

The fundamental PS Plus Essential plan, over a 12-month subscription, will now cost $79.99 (approximately Rs. 6,611), an increase from the current $60 (about Rs. 4,959). While the Indian rates are expected to be significantly lower due to regional pricing, the current cost of a yearly PS Plus Essential plan in India is Rs. 2,999. To speculate on the potential Indian increase, one could look to the Japanese price, which will soon become JPY 6,800 (about Rs. 3,850).

According to the blog post, “This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service.” It’s highlighted that the 12-month subscription price will remain discounted compared to the one-month and three-month options when calculated over a year.

At this juncture, it remains uncertain whether Sony plans to raise prices for its shorter-term memberships. However, the price hike has been met with dissatisfaction from fans, with some opting to cancel their existing subscriptions in response.

The updated yearly membership prices for PS Plus are as follows:

PS Plus Essential 12-month subscription:
$79.99/ EUR 71.99/ GBP 59.99/ JPY 6,800 (approximately Rs. 3,850)

PS Plus Extra 12-month subscription:
$134.99/ EUR 125.99/ GBP 99.99/ JPY 11,700 (about Rs. 6,620)

PS Plus Premium/ Deluxe 12-month subscription:
$159.99/ EUR 151.99/ GBP 119.99/ JPY 13,900 (approximately Rs. 7,850)

For current subscribers to the 12-month plan, the price change will take effect upon their next renewal date, occurring on or after November 6. Any alterations to existing memberships made on or after September 6, such as upgrades, downgrades, or extensions, will reflect the new prices.

This price adjustment from PlayStation comes shortly after Microsoft raised the monthly subscription cost for Xbox Game Pass. While both companies offer similar benefits in terms of free games and online multiplayer access, Xbox has an edge by making its first-party exclusives available on the service from day one.

As for Sony’s justification for the price increase, it has not been entirely convincing to users. While the higher-tier PS Plus subscription provides trial access to new games for a limited time, the quality of the monthly free game offerings has been lacking recently.

Starting from September 5, PS Plus members will be able to download the new Saints Row game for free. However, this reboot of the street crime franchise has been criticized for being uninspired and plagued with game-breaking glitches, leading to mixed reviews. Other games included this month are the sandbox MMO Black Desert and Generation Zero, an open-world game set in the 1980s where you combat machines. These free games will be downloadable until October 2, requiring an ongoing PS Plus subscription for continued access.

In India, PlayStation Plus subscriptions start at Rs. 499 per month for Essential, Rs. 749 per month for Extra, and Rs. 849 per month for the top-tier Deluxe membership. All three tiers include the benefit of monthly free games.

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